Saturday, August 26, 2017

Two Pathetic Tiny Men

Apparently obeying laws, like paying taxes, are only for the "little people".

Of course Der Trump pardoned ass hat clown Joe Arpaio.

I'm guessing that the racist former sheriff reminds the racist so called President of his dear old racist daddy.

And in times like these, racist scum have to stick together.

Arpaio, who was known as "nickel bag Joe" for his fearless pursuit of small time drug users when he worked for the DEA, spent decades harassing gardeners, busboys, housekeepers, line cooks and day laborers--as long as they were Latino--all to the cheers of his loyal supporters, most of whom were and are senile. Other Maricopa County criminals got away with whatever they wanted, especially criminals of the white collar variety, of whom Arizona has many. Starting with the Republican controlled state government...

His "law and order" methods cost the state around a hundred million dollars from various law suits. But this never deterred his "base" who love the man who came to be known as Sheriff Joke.

And the Joke's base is Der Trump's base. pink underwear and green baloney sandwiches for Arpaio.

By the way, this pardon will do nothing for Trump's plummeting approval ratings. The pro-Arpaio people were already drunk on the orange kool aid.

Meanwhile large swaths of Texas are being washed away by Hurricane Harvey. The so called President's words of wisdom and comfort to them? "Good luck."

Der Trump will not only go down as the worst President ever, but also the most ridiculous. And it's not even close. The good news is, he can't pardon himself.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Stupid White Men Will Be The Death Of Us

I know that it is currently fashionable in some parts of this great land o' ours (including the White House) to blame everything on "them".

And, of course, by "them" I mean black and brown people.

They're taking away "our" jobs and gaming the system and ruining things for "real" Americans.

And, of course, by "real" I mean white Americans.

I don't expect the people who believe this racist bullshit to ever change their minds. Hell, many of them are still fighting the Civil War.

So they wave their Confederate traitor's flags, scream their foolish heads off, and attempt to intimidate those of us who see them for what they really are.

They are enabled by one of our two major political parties. Guess which one.

Naturally, the truth is something very different.

See, black and brown people (and women of all ethnicities) have so little real power in this great land o' ours that they can't be blamed for anything.

You lost your job? Chances are it was a white man who fired you.

Entire industries moved overseas? All of those Fortune 500 companies aren't run by people of color.

Health insurance and prescriptions costs too much? Congress is 90% white males. Blame them.

No social safety net? Like I said, Congress is 90% white males. You voted for them. Shut up.

Poisoned air and water? The people who pay Congress to undo regulations are not black and brown.

Moron in the White House, rattling his flaccid saber and nodding and winking at neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the KKK?

Repeat after me,

Stupid white men will be the death of us--if we let them.

PS next time you are unfortunate enough to encounter one of these verminous creatures, ask them this: since they believe that black and brown people have all the advantages in our society, if they could, would they like to be black or brown? That should shut them up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Fourth Reich, or: Heil Trump!

And here I thought we were done with Nazis in everything but Indiana Jones' movies.

Turns out some of them are scuttling around the White House.

It's true, you know. Elections do have consequences.

And one of the consequences of the last election is that we have a bigly pile of racist subhuman scum masquerading as President of the United States.

And look, he brought his family of criminal half wits with him!

Let's not forget the various pieces of shit he's placed in important positions:

Steve "Pack of Lies" Bannon. Jefferson Beauregard "If'n It's A Race War You Want, I'm Your Peckerwood" Sessions III. The Hungarian Nazi, Sebastian Gorka. And last, and definitely least, that pustule Steven Miller.

Fuck them all.

I don't expect people to always agree on the economy, or taxes, or health care, or foreign policy.

But if you can't agree that neo-Nazi's, white supremacists, the KKK, and the alt-right in general is a collection of feeble minded, anti-American, anti-Semitic, racist, assholes,'re probably one of them.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Duel Of The Titans!

In one corner you've got a delusional fool, with an unchecked ego, nuclear weapons, and comical hair.

And in the other corner you've got Kim Jong-un.

A sad little man who has ridden his father's coattails far beyond his capabilities.

Oh...I guess that could apply to both he and Der Trump. Peas in a pod, you might say.

So, now we have two, count 'em, two ego maniacal clownish morons threatening each other.

This ought to be funny, except it isn't.

The "nuclear" part is what makes it unfunny.

North Korea should be a morning's worth of work for our very, very, very expensive military. Done by noon, home in time for a late lunch. Medals for everyone!

Of course, money doesn't necessarily buy competency...for example, just look at the Trump family.

And, and it's a BIG "and", how do you think China would react to a smoldering pile of radioactive ashes right next door? What sort of damage would South Korea and Japan sustain?

Someone smart has probably mentioned this to our Fearless Leader. But Der Trump doesn't really acknowledge any intelligence but his own, such as it is, and besides, he needs a BIG distraction right about now.

Something to get the mouth breathers in his base to wet themselves with excitement! Something to Make America Great Again and stop those foreigners from laughing at us! Something to trick the media's cheerleaders into chanting USA! USA! USA! Something to make everyone forget the colossal failure that is the Trump presidency.

Maybe something that goes BOOM!