Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Duel Of The Titans!

In one corner you've got a delusional fool, with an unchecked ego, nuclear weapons, and comical hair.

And in the other corner you've got Kim Jong-un.

A sad little man who has ridden his father's coattails far beyond his capabilities.

Oh...I guess that could apply to both he and Der Trump. Peas in a pod, you might say.

So, now we have two, count 'em, two ego maniacal clownish morons threatening each other.

This ought to be funny, except it isn't.

The "nuclear" part is what makes it unfunny.

North Korea should be a morning's worth of work for our very, very, very expensive military. Done by noon, home in time for a late lunch. Medals for everyone!

Of course, money doesn't necessarily buy competency...for example, just look at the Trump family.

And, and it's a BIG "and", how do you think China would react to a smoldering pile of radioactive ashes right next door? What sort of damage would South Korea and Japan sustain?

Someone smart has probably mentioned this to our Fearless Leader. But Der Trump doesn't really acknowledge any intelligence but his own, such as it is, and besides, he needs a BIG distraction right about now.

Something to get the mouth breathers in his base to wet themselves with excitement! Something to Make America Great Again and stop those foreigners from laughing at us! Something to trick the media's cheerleaders into chanting USA! USA! USA! Something to make everyone forget the colossal failure that is the Trump presidency.

Maybe something that goes BOOM!

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