Friday, October 19, 2018

Things Can Always Get Worse

I guess when you have a traitor in the White House, anything goes.

Drunk, sexual predator on the Supreme Court?

Why the fuck not?! Probably just "youthful indiscretion" anyway.

In the bag for the Saudi's? You bet! They have lots of money, after all. Besides, we shouldn't meddle in other countries' business. And really, what's one dead journalist, more or less?

Grab your ankles and bend over for Putin? With pleasure! Anything for your master.

Voter suppression? Gerrymandering? Sure thing! Some folks don't deserve to vote--know what I mean? And some other folks vote shouldn't count as much as a wealthy white male's.

Destroy Social Security and Medicare? Well, if our friends can make a buck out of it...Hell yes!

Undo everything positive about the ACA? Got to! Universal health care is the first step to socialism.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Farmer Donald

Farmer Donald had some pigs, ee eye ee eye oh!

And wherever Farmer Donald went, his pigs were sure to follow.

They stand behind him, their fat, mostly white, vacant, porcine faces glowing with a heady combination of stupidity and hatred.

And everything that Farmer Donald said, his pigs were sure to chortle.

Whether it be racist (oink) or sexist (oink, oink) or just another one of Farmer Donald's seemingly endless supply of hate filled lies (oink, oink, oink), the pigs would wallow in the verbal garbage like, well, like pigs.

It makes one wonder, in the brief amount of time that a sane person can watch it without retching, is this a political rally or a 4 H Fair?

In hind sight, "Deplorables" is really way too kind.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Know! Let's Run Government Like A Business!

This notion pops up periodically.

There is, in fact, at least one current candidate in Arizona who promises, if elected, to "run government like a business."

(Of course he's a Republican.)

And I wonder, as one does, what sort of business?

Like a Trump business, for example?

A business that lies and steals and cheats on its taxes? A business that discriminates against people of color?

A business that hires thieves, liars, fools, racists, sexists, homophobes, and outright imbeciles?

A business that can only turn a profit by money laundering for foreign criminals?

A business that is a world wide laughing stock?

A business that goes bankrupt and leaves working people holding the bag?

That sort of business?

That sort of government?

Because that's what we have right now.

And if you really, truly want more of that shit, then by all means vote for the "run government like a business" guy.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Loud, Drunk and Obnoxious

We all know people who drink a little too much.

Some of them get sad. Some of them get somber.

Some wax philosophically. Some become screamingly funny.

And some become loud, obnoxious and violent.

In some people it tends to magnify whatever their true self is.

Since he won't answer honestly any questions about what kind of judge he might be, we only know a couple of things about Brett Kavanaugh for sure:

One is that he has an extreme sense of privilege and when that privilege is questioned he becomes obnoxiously loud, hostile, and very, very defensive. He went to Yale, dammit!

And two?

Well, Brett LIKES beer! I mean, he REALLY likes beer!

A lot...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Profiles In, Uh, Whatever

Jeff Flake, who desperately wants to be a "hero", but doesn't really have the stones for that sort of thing, and thinks he has some sort of future in Presidential politics (normally I'd say 'insert raucous laughter here', but Jesus Christ, look at what's in the White House now!), will occasionally "pretend" to be opposing Republican Party policies in some "brave" way and for some "noble" reason.

So it is with his Brett Kavanaugh posturing.

Do not be fooled.

Jeff Flake is just another Republican hack, trying to act like a "patriot" while stuffing his pockets with as much corporate money as he can, and voting with the Traitor in Chief almost ALL OF THE TIME.

Does Arizona grow any other kind of Republicans?

No. It does not.

Does America grow any other kind of Republicans?

No. Not anymore.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Gee, I Guess No Republican Woman Has Ever Gotten An Abortion, Huh?

To white male conservatives, women are essentially chattel.

Breeding stock. The "weaker" sex.

Too, uh, emotional, to control their own reproductive systems.

So men must control them.

And since the right to a safe abortion takes some of that control away, abortions must be outlawed.

That has been the sole thrust of large segments of the Republican Party for the last 40 years or so.

All those slobbering evangelicals screaming their fool heads off about Roe v. Wade.

They care, oh they care so deeply, about those fetuses.

Doctors are murdered, clinics are bombed, women are terrorized--all for those magic fetuses.

(Of course, once the child is born, unless he or she is white and rich, the good folks over at the GOP couldn't care less about them. Day care, family leave, Head Start,  good public schools, health care, subsidized lunches, after school programs? Nah. That's all handouts. That's all socialism.)

Since 99.9% of this vileness comes from the Republican Right, it raises the question asked in the title of this post; "Gee, I guess no Republican woman has ever gotten an abortion, huh?"

And if you believe that, well...

Fortunately, there is a solution and it's really pretty simple: if you are a female, and are against abortion--don't have one.

And if you are male, and against abortion--shut the fuck up. Mind your own goddamn business.

See. Simple.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Welcome To The Republican's Big Tent!


Person of color? Gosh, how did you get in here? I mean, are you sure this is where you want to be? Really?

Billionaire? Thanks for coming! That big table up front is reserved just for you!

Female? In the back, please.

Gay? "Closeted" or "out"? "Closeted" sit near the front. "Out" please get to the back, by the women.

Idiot? We certainly need as many of you as we can get!  The more the merrier, in fact! But don't sit too near the billionaires. It bothers them. They're very sensitive.

Homophobe? See those idiots over there? That's right. Sit with them.

Rapist? Hmmm. Who did you rape, male or female? Female? Over here. Male? Uh, gee. Over there I guess. With the clergy.

Criminal? White collar? Sit near the billionaires. Other crimes? Wherever there's an open seat. Remember to mingle.

Racist? Sit wherever you want! That goes for you, too, gun nuts and fundamentalists.

But please save some seats for our Russian friends. After all, they paid for most of this.