Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Nagging Suspicion

Optimism is one of the foundational values* of this great land of ours.

You know, the whole "tomorrow will be better than today" bit.

After all, the first few generations of Americans were screw-ups who had to leave wherever they were for one of several reasons: Religious, political, legal, or maybe just that they had failed to achieve any kind of success in their native lands.

So they came here, to the Land of Hope and Dreams, like it says on the brochure.

And for many people and many years, it was just that...

Recently, though, I've had this nagging suspicion that maybe, just maybe, we've already seen the best of it. The good times are rapidly ending and it will be all downhill from here.

Probably not a Cormac McCarthy dystopia in my lifetime; but certainly unpredictably unpleasant times ahead for my children and grandchildren.

Let us list some of the many things that will queer the deal for the generations that follow us:

Climate change. For a "Chinese hoax" it's amazing how wide spread and enduring it is. I don't want to go too far out on a limb here, but I think the 98% of climate scientists who agree that it is man made and therefore men can do something about it might be right, and the 2% or so that argue against human causes, and who, by the way, are usually bought and paid for by oil and other extraction industries, might be wrong. When California burns to the ground, Miami is completely underwater, and bits of New York City, too, maybe the 2% will finally come around--if the checks from the Koch brothers and the oil companies stop, that is. Until then, by all means let's Drill Baby Drill!

Antibiotic resistant diseases. All those goodies they shoot into our chickens and cows and pigs to make them healthy enough so we can eat them, have several "unintended consequences". One is that strains of microbes pop up that fewer and fewer drugs can combat. We are nearing a pandemic of some unknown origin, and there may not be anything we can do to stop it. Oh well, you didn't want to live forever anyway, did you?

The worldwide lurch to "strong men" leaders. All dictatorships are essentially the same: one man in charge; his family and a few trusted people making out like bandits, literally; and much suffering for the masses. Everything for sale to the highest bidder, including the right to pollute the air and water. And you either acquiesce, or are labelled an "enemy of the state." There have always been a handful of dictators scattered across the planet, though in the latter part of the 20th century they were usually isolated in inconsequential backwaters. These days, however, it is extremely discouraging that many millions of Americans seem to be fine with this approach to governing.

So, here we are. The optimist in me says there's still enough time to "fix" things. The pessimist says we won't.

It was fun while it lasted.

 *(That and an amazing ability to gloss over all of our failures--but that's another story.)

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Send In The Clowns

So the time has come for Moscow Mitch McConnell to have his show trial. Stalin would be so proud.

Of course, in Stalin's Russia the innocent were convicted, and here the guilty will walk. But still...

Let's sit back and watch the gutless Republican Insane Clown Posse, led by Mitch and that Belle of the South, Lindsey Graham, dissemble and distract, whatever it takes to muddle the proceedings. That remains the only thing they're really good at.

To be blunt, what we have here is a bunch of traitors, bought and paid for by the Russians, with Moscow Mitch acting as bursar, doing their damnedest to keep an idiot, a crook, a liar, in short a complete embarrassment to the nation, in office. 

"Follow the money" and you will end up in Moscow.

Witnesses or no witnesses, it won't make any difference to the Trump Cult.

They love their boy. And won't believe anything negative about him. In their tiny, malformed brains he is them and they are him. A match made in Hell.

Send in the clowns? Don't bother. They're here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


You might think that if you lived somewhere where the mill or factory had closed, your first priority would be some sort of retraining program so you could find a new job, perhaps in a newer technology that isn't going to disappear next week, or next year.

Wrong. Your first priority is to make sure that no woman can have an abortion.

You might think that if you had no healthcare, your first priority would be to support any plan that made healthcare more available and more affordable, so you wouldn't put off treatment until it was too late, or go bankrupt over hospital bills.

Wrong again. Your first priority is to make sure that no one from Latin America makes it into the United States--with or without papers.

And you might think that maybe, just maybe, we have way too many guns in the hands of unstable people, and keeping everyone, stable or not, away from military style firearms and unlimited ammo is a sane idea.

Silly you. How can you be so wrong?!

Finally,  you might think that if you lived anywhere affected by climate change, which in essence means if you live anywhere on earth, your first priority would be to insist on any and all efforts to save our sorry asses from the worst effects.

Also wrong. Your first priority is to support any and all Israeli efforts to punish the Palestinians and make the Middle East even more unstable. Because Jesus is coming back for the End Times and the Rapture, and who really cares about the environment? Greta Thunberg? That LOSER? Fuck her! We're going to party with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Another Year Shot To Hell

Well, here we are at the end of another year...

Older? Sure.

Wiser? Uh...some of us, sure. Others, not so much.

Three years of the reign of the Flaming Orange Anus have taught us one thing:

There is no known bottom to the stupidity of certain Americans. Just when you think we've reached it, the trapdoor gives way, and there below us is the empty, unfathomable, darkness.

But hey, hope springs eternal, and there's always a chance, slight though it may be, that some folks will wise up.

Just don't bet on it.

Anyway, we head now into an election year that is bound to be the strangest one EVER.

Many lies will be told. Much money will change hands. Tweets will fly.

If you thought 2016 was odd, brace yourself for whatever Vladimir Putin and his minions in the Republican Party can come up with.

Don't worry. It's just the fate of democracy in the balance.

But first, let's all have a large flagon of New Year's cheer...we will definitely need it!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

First Thing, Let's Hang All Of The Traitors

At some point, you have to draw the line. You know?

If you let people get away with the kind of stuff that Traitor Don and his Band of Republican Scum have been attempting to get away with...well, what will the next Republican president (God help us if there is ever another Republican president), presumably one smarter than this one (not a very high bar) try to get away with--and succeed?


Time to get out the scaffolding. (I wonder, is the one used for all the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination in storage at the Smithsonian?)

Time to buy the rope.

Time to set things right.

Because some things are not "politics as usual."

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Sometimes, when you go to the zoo, if the apes and monkeys are angry, they will fling their feces at you. (For any Trump supporters out there, feces means shit.)

Often, that's all they can think of doing when they get really, really agitated.

I was reminded of this today while watching clips of the Republicans questioning three noted law professors regarding impeachment.

Since their Orange Pig God has indeed committed various impeachable offenses, despite their loud, incoherent, spittle flecked protestations to the contrary, their position is completely indefensible.

So, as their meager deflections and inane arguments fall apart, there is absolutely nothing left for them to do but to start throwing shit, like the lesser primates they so eerily resemble.

Soon the Russian trolls and bots will no doubt join in and begin trying to slander each of the distinguished legal scholars as out of touch elitists, much to the delight of the "real Americans" who are quite comfortable in their bottomless pit of ignorance.

This is no doubt entertaining for their Oinker in Chief and his army of brain dead idiots, including the yes men and women at Fox News.

But it sure reflects badly on what our nation has become. One of our two main political parties has been taken over by some sort of brain eating prion disease.


Friday, November 22, 2019

Crooked As A Dog's Hind Leg*

They got Al Capone on income taxes.

He murdered people. He strong armed people. He bribed. He lied. He cheated. He stole.

But they got him on not paying his taxes.

Al Capone surrounded himself with criminals.

He was a crook, through and through. A very successful crook for many years.

But he wasn't, as far as I can tell, a traitor.

Donald J. Trump has also surrounded himself with crooks.

Unfortunately for Donald J., his crooks aren't nearly as competent as Capone's.

And apparently some of them aren't willing to take the fall for Donald's various crimes.

This must come as a shock to Trump, who has spent his entire adult life committing crimes of one kind or another.

And getting away with it. Either through bribery or intimidation or just shear dumb luck.

That's over.

He will be impeached. He may or may not be convicted by the Senate. Depends on whether or not a few Republicans grow a conscience and a spine.

Regarding the election of 2020, who knows? With the entire GOP determined to look away from Russian interference, we can only keep our fingers crossed about the outcome.

But that doesn't matter, really. The Trump brand, which is one of the only things Donald J. cares about, is over. There will only be a pile of ashes for his awful progeny to inherit--if they all aren't in jail, that is.

*"Crooked as a dog's hind leg" is how my late father-in-law described a certain East Valley politician with whom he was acquainted. It seems appropriate when discussing Donald J. Trump to use it.