Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hold On A Minute

We did not become the richest and most powerful nation on earth by being regressive, reactionary, know nothings.

We did it (gasp) by being progressive.

By embracing The New. By embracing Change. By embracing Progress.

Not at first, of course. And certainly not all at once.

But eventually, having exhausted all other possibilities, we usually do the right thing.

Despite all of our flaws, and yes there are a few, Americans are generally an optimistic, progressive people.

Oh, not all of us.

Some of us remain dumb as a post.

And that's the problem: we've been cutting way too much slack for our stupider citizens.

The supposedly "liberal" media sat back and let the Limbaughs, Drudges, Breitbarts, and Fox News' folks of the world get away with lying for too long.

Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. But not to their own imaginary "facts".

And sometimes stupid people need their stupidity pointed out to them, loudly and repeatedly.

Because if you don't, they start to believe all the crap they hear from their "fair and balanced" sources.

And stupid just gets stupider...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Party Of (George) Lincoln (Rockwell)

He was a Nazi, by the way, so you can see what I'm getting at.

Not too subtle, I know.

But since we're dealing with Republicans, at this point subtlety isn't really warranted.

No. No, the Party of (George) Lincoln (Rockwell) doesn't deserve shades of gray. Or the benefit of the doubt...not with the slobbering hordes of Der Trump followers happy to embrace white supremacists, the KKK, and every racist kook of voting age.

What those poor, delusional, Reagan worshiping, dog whistle blowing, trickle down believing, homophobic, misogynistic, reality averse, science denying, racist, xenophobic assholes deserve is a good solid kick in the balls.

They are who they are. No need to pretend otherwise.

In the long run, it'll be much better for their souls (hahaha) to embrace it. Revel in it.

Remember, the truth shall set you free.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Letter From A Sad Little Man

So Sheriff Joe Arpaio sends me a letter.

Now, if we're lucky, very soon, due to his own unique approach to law enforcement, Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be enjoying the inside of one of his jails.

But, until then, by God, he's going to fund raise for the next election.

And to fund raise, you've got to scare the more simple minded among us.

Scare them with talk of scary enemies!

According to Joe's letter, his enemies (and of course to his way of thinking the enemies of all) are legion:

Ultra liberals, celebrity lefties like Al Sharpton, George Lopez and Linda Ronstadt (!), law enforcement bashing demagogues, criminal illegal immigrants, and first and foremost, President Obama.

(No word yet on what Sheriff Joe's crack investigators have found out about Obama's birth certificate...stay tuned...these things take time...)

Yes, Joe tells us that "President Obama truly wants these illegal aliens loose in our communities--even hoping to grant them amnesty--so they can become hardened Democrat voters who will rubber-stamp his radical left wing agenda."

But thanks to the support of "patriots like you", Sheriff Joe is fighting the good fight.

And blah blah blah...

So keep sending Joe money, ok? He's the only thing keeping "them" from you!

This scam has worked for many years. America's toughest sheriff keeps getting re-elected by a large monolithic, block of frightened, stupid, old white folks. I'm talking to you, Sun City.

Who knows, he may win this time, too.

However, he may spend at least part of his next term in jail--not that that would deter his many followers.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Scum Also Rises

The Trump campaign, if you can call a smoldering pile of horse shit a campaign, has now done what once was thought nearly impossible:

Take a good look at--and this hasn't happened since John Connally joined the Nixon White House-- rats swimming towards a sinking ship.

Breitbart refugee Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes? That's the best Il Trumpo could do?

Poor thing. I guess Scott Baio and Gary Busey were busy.

But what about Sarah Palin? Surely she could use the paycheck? Of course, Trump is famous for not paying people who have worked for him, so...

He surrounds himself with the scum of the earth and voters are supposed to trust his judgment?

My God, after all this time, this cretin still has people believing his every word!

Brace yourself. The next few weeks will be indescribably grotesque, as Der Trump, realizing that he will lose and lose big, goes into "no lie too awful" mode. Not for the faint of heart.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Remember how, when you'd see old footage of the God fearin' peckerwoods down in Dixie beating the hell out of black people just trying to go to school, or vote, or sit at a lunch counter, you'd think to yourself, "Man, what's wrong with those people? Can't they see how backwards/foolish/hateful/inhuman they look?"

You'd watch them screaming insults, spit flying, animal rage in their eyes, and deep down you'd be a little ashamed to be white.

Then maybe you'd think, "Well, that was a long time ago. Things have changed since then."

Uh huh.

Have you seen a Trump rally?

Same crazy look in the eyes. Same animal rage at "them", or "her".

Some folks ought to be ashamed.

But then, some folks are completely shameless.

Monday, August 8, 2016

This Will Be Fun...Of A Sort

Fairly soon, we will find out if there are enough truly crazy people in this country to elect Donald J. Trump president.

And since there is never a shortage of truly crazy people in our lovely country, there's no way of knowing until the night of the election.

Of course, the Republicans are expert at stealing elections, but do they really want Trump?


Until then, we will be entertained by more bat shit crazy pronouncements from the P.T. Barnum of American politics.

Of course, none of his bat shit blurting will bother the Aggrieved Faithful. If they haven't been turned off by now...

I mean, this is a guy whose businesses have gone bankrupt multiple times, who has outsourced to China, who has used foreign laborers, who has done deals with the Mob. And whose tax returns are so, oh let's call them "interesting", that he's afraid to let them see the light of day.

He denigrates women, Muslims, blacks, Latinos, the handicapped....the list is endless.

He's had multiple wives, countless affairs, and he apparently practices a rather unique form of piecemeal Christianity, that would normally be repellant to the family values crowd.

But he's white...and he's gonna come down hard on the black and brown skin people who leech off the rest of us. And he's gonna scare the rest of the world into...something...

And, most importantly, He's Going To Make America Great Again!!!

He promised!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Grand Old Dumpster Fire


I mean, really,WOW!

If you live long enough, you will see everything.

Like a cornered rat, and my apologies to rats everywhere, Der Trump snarls and bites at everything.

His tiny fangs glittering against his Cheeto orange skin. His even tinier hands grasping at whatever rhetorical dead end his poisonous brain can summon.

Meanwhile, Republican candidates everywhere try to figure out how to condemn what he says without actually condemning him, in order not to offend his supporters.

Cuz you wouldn't want to lose the stupid white racist demographic.

Certainly not after courting them since, oh, 1968 or so.

Let's see, there was the Southern Strategy, and "welfare queens in their Cadillacs", and Willie Horton, and the birthers, and right on up to Der Trump and the noxious garbage that he spews out on an hourly basis.

Pass the marshmallows, and just sit back and watch it burn...