Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Era Of Liberalism Is Back!

Boy, if only that were true!

Mitch "There Was A Turtle In The Woodpile" McConnell, R-Heart o' Dixie, is screaming from the roof tops that his dreaded enemy, "liberalism" is making a comeback, aided and abetted by that uppity colored man in the White House. (OK, he didn't say all of that, but you know he thinks it.)

I'm sure his breathless screed was designed to appeal to his base, the gun lovin', God fearin', anti-science, xenophobic, Hillbilly freak show that makes up the heart of today's Republican Party.

To McConnell's "warning" I can only respond, WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY.

Ya'll remember liberalism, don't ya?

Unions and the creation of the Middle Class.


Child labor laws.

40 hour work week, with weekends off.

Public works.

GI Bill.

Minimum wage.

Voting Rights.

Social Security.


Public Education.

Minority rights.

Protecting the environment.

These were all products of liberalism and its twin, progressivism.

McConnell's party, on the other hand, champions tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and unlimited assault rifles and ammo for everyone else.

You choose.

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