Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Son

My son turns 18 today.

But that can't be possible. He was just born a couple of weeks ago.

He just took his first step, he just discovered cake and ice cream, he just started pre-school.

He just sang along to the Winnie the Pooh song.

He just saw his first movie.

He just learned to swim.

He just learned to throw a ball and ride a bike.

He just learned to read and quickly found out how wide and wonderful and magical the world can be.

He was just afraid of something in his room at night.

He just said "not all jokes are funny, Daddy."

He just made a few friends.

He just learned that not everyone is nice, but you should try to be nice to everyone.

He just won an Ultimate Frisbee state championship. He just won another.

He just fell in love for the first time. He just had his heart broken for the first time.

Next week he will graduate from high school, with honors.

Then I suppose it's off to college and out into the world.

And Mrs. Franklin and I sit and wonder at just how fast time can fly...

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