Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Game Is Rigged

The game is rigged.

The game has always been rigged.

What has changed is that the occasional bone is no longer thrown to the masses.

Through the years, palliatives such as trust busting, labor laws, a minimum wage, public education, Social Security,  the GI Bill, civil and voting rights, food stamps, welfare and Medicare were offered to an increasingly restless public. People who really believed in the unfulfilled, often mythical, promises of  "all men are created equal" and "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Not any more. The very very rich, whether human, or super-human (i.e. Corporations) have decided that it's counter productive to their profits to do anything for the rest of us.

And their almost complete control of the media has eliminated the possibility of a true reformer, like Teddy Roosevelt or FDR, changing the rules of the game. Even a centrist like Barack Obama is way too progressive for our oligarchical overlords.

No, better to elect Ayn Rand spouting, trickle down fools, who campaign on the lie that "government is the problem" and then do their level best to make sure that government does not work--except to ensure that the public trough is kept open for only a very select few.

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