Friday, June 13, 2014

I Give Up

The other day I was walking into the local burrito/taco place, and there were two 20 somethings seated outside, happily smoking away.

You know, it's been, what 50 years or so, since we started realizing that smoking was really, really bad for you. Cancer, emphysema, all those fun things.

And yet, with all the medical evidence, not to mention all of the deaths, people still choose to smoke. Nobody puts a gun to their heads. They just do it.

A friend who has some experience with these sort of things told me many years ago that nicotine was harder to quit than heroin. OK. But people do quit both. Better to not start either, right?

Of course, it does take a certain amount of effort and willpower. More or less depending upon the person. Still, if you really want to do something, you will usually find a way to do it.

So if we really wanted to do something about the proliferation of guns in America, we would.

We'd get rid of all the politicians who are in the NRA's pocket. Every last one.

And we'd demand that their replacements do something. Not talk about doing something. Not join in the prayer vigils for all of the slaughtered innocents and wring their hands about the tragedy of it all. No.


Then we'd laugh Wayne "A Gun Is A Tool And So Am I" LaPierre, and all the crazies who love guns more than life itself, right out of the public arena. Marginalize those halfwits.

But, of course, it's easier not to, so...

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