Friday, August 15, 2014

The Death Penalty

So I guess the penalty for shoplifting now is death.

Selling individual cigarettes on a street? Death.

Running away from a cop? Death.

Running toward a cop? Death.

Resisting arrest? Death.

Being mentally ill in a city park? Death.

(And since the cops are overworked, what with having to learn how to drive tanks and all, thank God for the well armed citizens helping to patrol our streets.)

Wearing a hoodie while carrying some skittles and a soft drink? Death.

Playing your music too loud? Death.

Knocking on someone's door late at night? Death.

Texting in a movie theatre? Death.

Just being "threatening" in general? Death.

Well, it certainly does streamline the criminal code. And apparently we're all OK with that, right?


Anyway, the fact that a couple of those dead guys were white proves that we live in a post racial society, right?


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