Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stupid Never Goes Out Of Style

Lemme see if I've got this right.

The same guys who told us that the Iraq War would be "a cake walk" and that the "war would pay for itself" and that "Saddam had WMD's and was this close to getting nukes" and that "we would be welcomed as liberators" and who cheered numbnuts' "Mission Accomplished" photo op like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert, are telling us now just how awful the President's Iran deal is...

And some poor, dumb, bastards actually believe them!

This is the true beauty of America: you can be wrong about everything. Everything. Every fucking thing!

And they'll still find a place for you on the Sunday chat shows to expound upon whatever topic you choose.

All those chickenhawk punks get a place at the table. Cheney, Graham, Bolton, Wolfowitz,  Kristol, and every last one of the Bushes.

Oh, and let's not forget John "Bomb Iran" McCain, who is supposed to be so wise about foreign affairs...without there being any evidence to prove that supposition.

And yet some media types continue to pretend that these clowns' totally empty heads contain knowledge.

Hey, if you're stupid enough to fall for that again you are, quite simply, beyond redemption, and you deserve whatever happens to you and yours.

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