Monday, February 22, 2016

Trump vs The Pope

I think the problem is fundamentally a theological one.

Pope Francis simply doesn't understand American Christianity.

Being a total asshole and yet still believing you're a good Christian is as American as apple pie.

Spurning the poor and weak, hating those who seem 'different', castigating the fallen, laughing at the suffering of others: these are all core values for many American Christians.

The amount of hatred they direct towards gays, for instance, is mind boggling.

Equally impressive is the amount of time their leaders spend on bilking the old, ill, or just weak minded out of every last penny. All for God's greater glory, of course.

After all, American Jesus ain't no wishy washy, love thy neighbor, socialist punk. American Jesus is a muscular, manly, free market, ass kicking stud!

The Pope just needs to spend more time with us, and then he'd see that Trump is representative of American Christianity in all of its magnificence.

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