Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another Page From The Diary of V. Putin

What have I gotten myself into here?

Sure, it sounded like, how you say, good deal.

Win or lose, this Trump helps undermine that Clinton woman. So we support this Trump even though no one can conceive of circus clown actually winning. That doesn't matter, though.

Because he will weaken Clinton woman, and make her Presidency less successful.

What happens next is still stunning to me.

Circus Clown wins!

Which is....I don't know....I still don't know.

But always have fall back position. I learned this at KGB school. And fall back position is that "Hey Trump, we helped elect you as Americanski President and now you do our bidding. Or else."

Why 'or else'? Because we know everything about him. Everything. Every little thing. Ha! And this is key, he owes us money. Much money. Much more money than he can ever repay. Simple, da?

No wars. No shootings. No breaking treasury with arms race.

Nyet. Just one day Americanski wake up from opioid induced stupor and Russian stooge is in White House.


Good joke, no?

But as old Russian saying tells us: be careful what you wish for.

Let me tell you something, dear diary: I read all the "fake news" I can get. Pravda. You know, "truth"? And I cannot believe what it is that I am reading. No sane man acts this way.

If I wasn't at heart godless communist I would say "Jesus Christ! What is this idiot doing?"

This is not the kind of instability I was hoping for.

So, we will, we must, find solution...

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