Friday, May 12, 2017

Nothing Is Ever Donald J. Trump's Fault

It is an amazing thing to reach the age of 70 without ever making a mistake.

All those bankruptcies? Other guys' fault.

The various marriages? Bitches be crazy.

Mob ties? Russian ties? Russian Mob ties? Other dubious foreign loans? Money laundering on an epic scale? Hey, that's just business, and no one is better at business than Donald J. Trump.

The most incompetent Presidency in modern times? Don't blame DonDon. It's just the wicked "fake news" media spreading lies to undermine a great man. The truth is that everything is great! 

Subvert the Constitution? Hire completely unqualified people for highly sensitive positions? Fire the man investigating you? Hey, if the President does it, it's not illegal. Nixon said that, and by golly that's good enough for Donald J. Trump. He is the President, after all.

To have lived all those years without ever having to be responsible for your actions must be wonderful.

Now, of course, somebody always has to pay for jaw dropping incompetence, sleaziness, crookedness, and outright thievery.

But it ain't Donald J. Trump!

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