Monday, July 24, 2017

It's The Voter Suppression, Stupid

As the various postmortems of the 2017 election continue to dribble in, there seems to be a somewhat consistent theme in many of them:

Hillary Clinton ran a terribly flawed campaign. She didn't do enough of this or she did too much of that or....Therefore it's her fault she lost.

Let's set aside the fact that she got almost 3 million more votes than our so-called President. (We all know that the only "real" Americans live in the heartland. Big city votes just don't count as much because those aren't real Americans.)

Though there were some faults with the Clinton campaign, the major problems she faced were as follows:

1) It is hard to run against a pathological liar, especially when the media seems to think his pathology is "amusing" and good for ratings.

2) This same media is devoted to the "both sides do it" meme, which allows any minor Democratic misstep to outweigh 1000 Republican lies.

3) James Comey's unprecedented behavior in the last days of the campaign.

4) President Obama's reluctance to loudly and repeatedly announce the Russians' ongoing interference.

5) The above mentioned Russian interference, the size of which we're still trying to figure out.

All of these things might have been surmounted, by the way.

But then there was one other thing, something completely un-American, that couldn't:

6) Voter suppression.

The one thing Republicans are really good at, perhaps the only thing* they're good at besides fund raising and scaring simpletons, is voter suppression. Every state controlled by Republicans has systematically made it harder for voters who lean Democratic to vote.


They can't govern worth a damn, but boy can they stop minorities from voting!

*I forgot LYING. That's really what Republicans are best at.


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