Saturday, June 9, 2012

Voter Fraud

It has become Republican gospel that we are suffering from rampant voter fraud.

According to the GOP this fraud is always perpetrated by Democrats.

They can produce no proof that this has happened. But by God they know in their hearts that it must be true. So as always, the facts be damned!

And the best way to stop this heinous assault on our cherished Republic is to disenfranchise anyone they can.

Old people, young people, minorities--you are all under suspicion. You cannot be trusted and the country would be better off if you weren't allowed to vote. So practically every Republican controlled legislature in the country has set about to ensure that you can't.

Funny, the only rampant "voter fraud" that I've ever seen has been Republicans getting elected by claiming to support working people, and then crawling cozily into the first corporate pocket they see.

Republicans "Support working people"? Now that's fraud.

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