Monday, June 25, 2012

SCOTUS, Arizona, and the Looney Right

SCOTUS ruled on Arizona's immigration bill, SB 1070, today, saying that three of the four sections under consideration were unconstitutional. They upheld the worst section of the bill, Section 2(b) which is commonly referred to as the "papers, please" section, although they held that this could be revisited. Naturally, the reaction on the right ranges from disbelief to delusion. Jan Brewer claims it as a great victory, while the biggest idiot in the state (and that is saying something, trust me) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Bigot-Maricopa County) used the decision and Fox News to cry about how he is being persecuted by the Obama administration. I don't live in Maricopa County anymore (bad as my life is, at least that's one thing I can be grateful for as long as Sheriff Looneytunes is in office), but I feel bad for my liberal friends there. They not only have to deal with the biggest bunch of incompetent dunderhead legislators ever assembled (see any Republican in the Arizona Legislature) including Ben Quayle, Jan Brewer, Ken Bennett, Jon Kyl, John McCain, David Schweikart, Trent Franks, and the list goes on and on, but they also have to live with their county being a national laughing-stock due to the senile antics of Sheriff Joe. I sincerely hope that someday the fools who keep re-electing this moron will face up to what the county has become -- and by extension, the state. By the way, considering that I live in Kingman, possibly the most racist city in the state, it is really saying something to say that I feel sorry for the folks in Maricopa County.

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