Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ignorance Is Their Brand

I recently read an article that said  "the GOP risked looking ignorant" on something or other.

China, maybe.



Wake up man, ignorance has been the GOP's brand for a long time.

Look at Trump, for Christ's sake. All those hideous mouthbreathers that applaud him and roar with delight at his every blustery, inane word.

Or Carly Baby. Jesus, just take the money H-P gave you to go away and, you know, GO AWAY!

And let's not even start with Dr. Ben "I Couldn't Really Be This Stupid, Could I?" Carson. (I would have also accepted Dr. Ben "If Only Those Jews Had Been Armed, The Holocaust Would Have Never Happened!" Carson.)

If you ask me, at this point, mere ignorance would be a compliment.

No, chief, that's profound all-encompassing ignorance, mixed in with a large dose of stupid, blind hatred.

And that's the GOP party--and base--in a nutshell.

To pretend that it isn't?

Now that's ignorance.

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