Friday, October 9, 2015

WWJP (What Would Jesus Pack?)

This is America, circa 2015.

Gotta be packin' these days, baby.

Otherwise you're a pussy, just beggin' to be gunned down.

Ask Dr. Ben "Superior Hand To Eye Coordination Is Not Necessarily A Sign Of Intelligence" Carson. He knows!

Now, I figure with the flowing robes and all, the J man would have a lot of options.

Sawed off 12 gauge. AR-15. A couple of Uzis. And you just know he's a got a Glock in there somewhere.

Maybe go old school and get his hands on a Thompson!

Oh, what, those are still illegal?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

We're talking about the Son Of God, bitch! He can strap on whatever he likes!

The Second Amendment, and Wayne LaPierre, say so.

America--Fuck yeah!

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