Monday, December 14, 2015

They Just Can't Quit Him

Donald J. Trump is the dark twisted id of the modern Republican Tea Party made flesh.

Almost anything he says, anything, no matter how stupid, bigoted, un-American, or just plain factually wrong, appeals on some cellular level to the base of the GOP.

And, it must be acknowledged, to his fellow Republican candidates.

Oh, they can pretend they don't agree with him...but they do.

This is what they are. They can't deny their heart's deepest wishes.

At best, they argue about semantics.

And act like they're appalled by something Trump has said.

But they can't quite bring themselves to wholly denounce him.

Because they aren't really appalled. The truth is they feel shivers of delight and excitement every time he speaks.

All that tough talk gets them aroused.

So...they just can't quit him.

This proves something I've long believed:

You can never be too awful to be a Republican...there are no known limits to what fits under the Big Tent...

(And by the way, Ted Cruz isn't any better than Trump. He's just a little smarter and a little sneakier. The kind of dime store Machiavelli who thrives in a cesspool.)

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