Thursday, December 24, 2015

To Hell With Christmas

You heard me.

You know, I've lived with this nonsense since I was a kid.

You want to buy stuff, fine.

You want to give this stuff to your friends and family, fine.

That's what keeps the economy going, after all. And it's nice to give stuff and get stuff.

And, if you're lucky, at a certain point you'll realize that it really is nicer to give than receive.

But, if you want to pretend that it somehow has some connection with the birth of Jesus Christ...and the three wise men...and what happened in a Roman colony two thousand years ago...and Christianity...and any kind of ethical system based on your boy's teachings...and that the folks who don't buy into your "beliefs" are waging a "War on Christmas!"

Well, then you're fucking crazy.

And if you're dim enough not to see that...well, I've got no time for you.

I'm an old man.

Enough is enough.

Happy Holidays...

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