Thursday, July 28, 2016

Notes From Vlad Putin's Diary

Regarding this Trump fellow: is he insane? Have someone find out.

Tell cook more beets next time.

Trump calls me. Again. Says we can do "bizness" together. Says it will be "yooge". What is this "yooge"?

Again with this Trump. Oy yoi yoi. Have someone from security look into getting me an unlisted number.

Can we please do something about the heat? I'm freezing in here.

The smell of cabbage cooking reminds me of mama.

Trump says we should be friends. Why I need friend like that?

I smell CIA.

Lada is good car. Do not listen to capitalist propaganda.

Trump says if I help him, then he will help me. Do what I wonder?

Now, really I smell CIA.

Reclassify all steroids as "vitamins". Simple. Problem solved.

"Useful idiot" is term I like. This Trump maybe can be a useful idiot for me. Okey dokey. So, I will, how Americanski say, make him my bitch. Da.

Now, somebody please do something about the heat. I begin to losing my patience. Don't make me go all Stalin on someone.

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