Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Grand Old Dumpster Fire


I mean, really,WOW!

If you live long enough, you will see everything.

Like a cornered rat, and my apologies to rats everywhere, Der Trump snarls and bites at everything.

His tiny fangs glittering against his Cheeto orange skin. His even tinier hands grasping at whatever rhetorical dead end his poisonous brain can summon.

Meanwhile, Republican candidates everywhere try to figure out how to condemn what he says without actually condemning him, in order not to offend his supporters.

Cuz you wouldn't want to lose the stupid white racist demographic.

Certainly not after courting them since, oh, 1968 or so.

Let's see, there was the Southern Strategy, and "welfare queens in their Cadillacs", and Willie Horton, and the birthers, and right on up to Der Trump and the noxious garbage that he spews out on an hourly basis.

Pass the marshmallows, and just sit back and watch it burn...

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