Monday, January 16, 2017

Other Names For The Trump, Uh, Illegitimacy

Don't know about you, but calling him Mr. President just doesn't sit well with me.

So, we will need to come up with synonyms.

I really do prefer Flaming Orange Anus, but I realize that some folks have delicate sensibilities, or perhaps a fondness for anuses, and so there must be other options:

Putin's Punk

Russia's Stooge

His Multiple Bankruptness

The Gold Plated Fraud

Mr. Almost Three Million Votes Less Than Hillary

Shit Fer Brains

The Royal Combover

Ass Trump-ette

King Of The Know Nothings

Mr. Bought And Paid For

Captain Oblivious


Tax Fraud In Chief

The Midnight Tweeter

Behold, A Conflict Of Interest Made Flesh

Mr. Makes George W. Bush Look Like Lincoln

Admiral Of The Fleeced

Hitler Lite

A Yooge Fucking Mistake That Might Get Us All Killed

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