Thursday, January 26, 2017


In case you were hoping that Senator John "Maverick" McCain would be man enough to stand up to the Liar In Chief...

Oh, he'll glower and shout and threaten and get a lot of media attention. That is, after all, what he does. All he does. But when it comes right down to it, he will fold.

Because the senior Senator from the state of Arizona is spineless.

Remember way back in 2000 when the Bush campaign slandered him in South Carolina?

What'd he do?

Well, fell in line, of course!


When the Bushies Swift Boated John Kerry, an actual bona fide hero, in 2004?

After some initial grumbling, our professional POW blamed Kerry for bringing the attacks on himself.


Now we have someone in the White House who shit all over Johnny Mac's war record. Loudly and publicly. Someone who is so close to being a traitor that you can smell it on him. Someone who worships Vladimir Putin like an abused whore worships her pimp.

Someone who has nominated another Putin boy toy to be Secretary of State.

So, what does Senator John McCain do?

Well, he's going to vote "yes" for Rex Tillerson, of course!

Like I said.


The leader of his party is a serial liar. A Russian stooge. A sexist, xenophobic, immature, unstable punk. A fan of torture.

But don't expect Senator John McCain to challenge much of what he does.

Party loyalty always comes first when you're spineless.

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