Friday, April 21, 2017

Reality Television


We get to watch the "President" of the United States go nuts in real time!

That hasn't happened before.

Sure Nixon went off the deep end--but we only learned about that years later.

And Saint Reagan was probably well on his way to dementia early in his second term. But again, we didn't find out until he was safely ensconced in whatever nice place his defense contractor buddies bought for him. And besides, dementia is a different kettle of fish.

No, President Donald J. Queeg will be a first for our great nation.

He will bunch up his tiny fingers into tiny fists and stamp his wittle feets.

He will spew forth from his limited vocabulary with his simpleton's syntax.

Spittle will fly!

And the tweets! Oh my God, the tweets that will come!

It will really be very entertaining...

PS Now we learn that Little DonDon insists on riding in the Queen's "Cinderella" coach when he's in England. INSISTS! Seriously, how precious is that?

Deep down he's exactly like a little princess.

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