Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Joe Scarborough -- Is he really this stupid?

I have spent years wondering why MSNBC gives Scarborough a platform. Are they really trying to be the true "fair and balanced" network? That's the only reason I can think of, because it's fairly obvious that Joe's schtick would play much better on CNN than on MSNBC. The funny thing is that Joe, one of Newt's brigade in the '95 Republican congress, is now seen as a moderate! He is far too left for Fox, which eviscerates him at every turn.

This week Moderate Joe has decided that it's time to end 100 years of labor gains in America. Obviously the only problem in Wisconsin is those damned unions, which in Joe's opinion are totally responsible for the state budget crisis (which isn't really a crisis, but why let facts get in the way). Monday morning he did actually acknowledge that the unions were willing to give in on every single issue in the debate except the right to retain collective bargaining -- but that wasn't enough for governor Walker, who swears that the only way to save the state is to eliminate the unions. Other than the ones that support him, of course. And poor Moderate Joe, he's now in trouble with the right for suggesting that the unions, not the state, have been willing to negotiate.

Joe Scarborough, America's number one guy for being wrong on any issue, no matter which side he picks. He always gets it wrong!

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