Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin labor battle

With the Wisconsin labor battle raging this week, I was wondering this morning what the conservative take really is on labor unions, so I did what anyone would do -- I went to Conservapedia. Here's what that bastion of knowledge has to say about labor unions:

"A labor union or trade union is an organization formed for the purpose of collectively representing the interests of a group of workers. In particular this can include collectively bargaining with employers in order to agree rates of pay and other conditions of employment. Conservatives tolerate the right of workers to form unions but recoil when they become too liberal, too corrupt, or too authoritarian over their members. Liberals aggressively support them, and use their influence with labor leaders to force rank-and-file union members to support liberal causes and candidates financially, despite the fact that those members strongly and unequivocally oppose those causes and candidates. Most unions are run by liberals."

You like that? Conservatives "tolerate" labor unions, and liberals force those folks to financially support candidates and causes the members "strongly and unequivocally oppose".

You can't make this shit up people....

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