Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The $10,000 Man

"The very rich...are different from you and me."

--F. Scott Fitzgerald

Poor Willard Mitt Romney. He went to a very good school. He was elected governor by the voters of one of our better educated states. For what it's worth, he apparently ran the Olympics about as well as they can be run in any non-totalitarian country. Along the way he made a lot of money. He made it by gutting companies and firing people, but hey, that's the modern American way.

Anyway, don't ask how he got it, ask how much he got. Romney got so much that he can afford to spend many millions on a house just to tear it down and build a larger, more expensive one. And this isn't his principle residence either. This is a vacation home.

Judging by our usual standards Willard Mitt Romney has had an extremely successful life.

And yet, through all this, he never learned something fundamental about the American people.

While most of us desperately long to be rich and cling to the fantasy that it's just around the corner, none of us like to have our faces rubbed in it. But he can't help himself. See, there are people like Willard Mitt Romney and then there are the rest of us: The help. We are interchangeable and disposable. He needn't bother to learn our names.

There is only so much hypocrisy that even the most hypocritical of us, and by that I mean all you Republicans, can stand.

So here Willard Mitt finds himself, successful, wealthy, seemingly the perfect Republican candidate. And despite all these things, he's running a poor second to a seriously flawed buffoon, whose truest calling in this life would be as a carny barker. Newt "Will Rogers Never Met Me" Gingrich.

Money can buy you many things. But it definitely cannot buy you love and it seemingly will not buy Willard Mitt Romney his party's nomination.

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