Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The most contemptible blog post of the year

As 2012 nears, I've been looking back at quite a few blogs I've read this year and bookmarked for future reference. I don't know why I didn't write about this one before, but better late than never. You really have to read the whole post instead of just the few little bits I'm quoting here -- this person makes Glenn Beck look like an educated saint.

Homeless in Hawaii

Dr. Diane Medved is the wife of conservative pustule pundit Michael Medved, a man for whom I hold nothing but contempt. Unfortunately, his wife is just as bad. A dinner conversation between these two must be fascinating.

Mrs. Medved is really, really upset that the view of some homeless people in Hawaii has ruined her vacation -- which, incidentally, she makes sure to point out will be tax-deductible as her husband "works" during these trips.

Some highlights from this remarkable piece of chicken crap:

Their tents pitched under banyans in parks and their groaning shopping carts draped with plastic bags stationed along sidewalks remind us that hospitable liberal government would rather enable freeloading on public property than business to high per-square-foot rent-paying establishments.
My god, the horror! Let's get rid of those damned public places -- that way I won't have to look at these homeless vagrants!

On last night's walk, we saw a guy lying asleep on the Kalakaua thoroughfare sidewalk. Near his extended form he'd laid out a couple necklaces, ostensibly for sale. His fingers clutched some kind of rifle, even in his sleep. His clothes and person were dark with dirt, in contrast to the white sidewalk. What an appealing incentive to spend big bucks in Fendi, Coach, and the other glitzy stores a few feet away.
You people are really ruining my trip -- how can I possibly step around you to go blow my money on my completely unnecessary designer goods?!

We've been privileged to come to Honolulu, where my husband works during our stays, many times over the years. I've never seen so many and such conspicuous homeless encampments, just plopped down in the most desirable footage on the planet.
You've just gotta love this bitch. Nowhere does she stop to ponder about how these people ended up in this situation, or what she as an individual or we as a society might be able to do to help -- except to mention that she thinks that Hawaii really needs more mental health centers for these folks. Of course, forget about taxing her to help pay for those centers. Heaven forfend!

And people sometimes wonder why I have such absolute contempt for so many right-wing idiots. I have no doubt that there are very, very many well-meaning conservatives out there who have well-reasoned opinions and have hearts to match -- many of them are friends or even relatives. But let me tell y'all, these lunatics like the iron bitch Medved make all of you look bad.

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