Friday, April 6, 2012

Original Sin

Can we at least agree that, unregulated and left to their own devices, corporations would destroy America?

Oh, they wouldn't mean to.

Because they love this country. Not enough to pay taxes, but still...

No, they wouldn't mean to, but as the man said "stuff happens".

Despite what Willard Mitt Romney and some members of the Supreme Court might think, corporations are not people. They are essentially profit driven, amoral entities.

And an amoral entity can only be expected to act in an amoral fashion. Also, when money becomes synonymous with speech, the entire concept of "freedom of speech" is stood on its head, because those with the most money get to talk the loudest and the longest.

The end result is that patriotism, love of country, the American Dream, and all the rest of our cherished foundational myths, are reduced to the level of advertising catch phrases, designed solely to sell us something--or someone.

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