Saturday, September 6, 2014

We Will Get Fooled Again

Well, the other day they had themselves a Republican primary out in these parts.

And they chose which "run the government like a business", "build the dang fence", "cut taxes and then wonder why the place falls apart", "free market worshiping", "fear the dark skin people", "bust the unions", freak they wanted to run for governor against the Democrat Fred DuVal: Ice Cream magnate Doug Ducey.

Then, having separated the chaff from the other chaff, naturally, the first thing the Republicans did was lie about DuVal's record. The very first thing!

Why? It's really very simple: because they have gotten away with lying so often and for so long that by now it's just second nature to them. "Like breathing out and breathing in."

Right out of the box you open your campaign with an easily disproved distortion of the truth. Simply breathtaking!

I think that tells you everything you'll ever need to know about the Republican Party. In Arizona and everywhere else.

That's their true inheritance from Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes and co-president Cheney. Lie, lie, lie...and then lie some more!

The "Party of Lincoln" is really the party of Atwater and Rove. Oh, and Rupert Murdoch, too!

More to the point, we've already seen, ad nauseam, what happens when the Republicans are completely in charge of the state's government--any state--and it ain't pretty.

There is, of course, only one sane choice for Governor of Arizona. In a sane state, Fred DuVal would win in a rout...

But this is Arizona...and sanity...well...sanity is not considered an essential component of Arizona government.

Because you can never stop stupid white people from voting. It's in the state constitution, I think. In fact, it's the very engine that keeps Arizona running the way it does.

And we wouldn't want to change that. No sir!

Status Quo or Death!

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