Friday, December 12, 2014

The CIA's Nuremberg Defense

Uh, for those of you not up on your World War II references, that would be "I was only following orders."

Adolph Eichmann meet Dick Cheney and all the good and true Skull and Bones boys of our CIA.

Now, I know it's dangerous to bring up the Nazis in any contemporary context. Unless you're Rush Limbaugh, drug addled sage to the unwashed, unwanted, and unredeemable, who gave us the term "femiNazis", a clever coinage which made all of his minions--his leering, slobbering, mouth-breathing, low wattage minions--chortle until they wet themselves.

But it should be pointed out, at least in passing, that the CIA has always had a certain affinity for Adolph's Crew.

After all, they brought as many as they could out of Europe after the end of the war. Set 'em up out of harm's way. Gave them fun new work they could really sink their teeth into.

Kindred spirits, you know?

So, it was only natural that "I was only following orders" was the first thing that popped into the collective CIA mind when they finally got exposed. Again.

Like I said "kindred spirits".

If you wonder why so many of "them" hate us, you really should take a good long look into what's been done in our name all these years...

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