Tuesday, February 17, 2015

40 Years Of This?

40 years of Saturday Night Live.

And they couldn't cobble together three and a half hours of laughs...

No, not three and a half hours. Take out the commercials and the "songs" and we're looking at more like two hours.

Filling two hours from 40 years of shows?

Chevy Chase. Bill Murray. Steve Martin. Dan Ackroyd. Jane Curtin. Eddie Murphy. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. Jerry Seinfeld. Chris Rock. Jim Carrey. Louis C.K. Alec Baldwin. Martin Short. Maya Rudolph. Will Ferrell. Bill Hader. Mike Myers. Dana Carvey. Kristin Wiig. Jimmy Fallon. Adam Sandler.

Plus all the "classic" bits featuring Belushi, Radner, Hartman, and Farley.

Should be a piece of cake!

Then again...

Of those two l-o-n-g hours the cringe worthy stuff far outnumbered the funny stuff.

Playing "hey look, it's -------!" with the audience cut-away shots was the highlight of the telecast.

Sad sad sad.

I'm left with two conclusions:

Lorne Michaels is the most over-rated person in the history of television comedy.

And his show is the reason God gave us the fast forward button.

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