Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fun Games To Play Whilst Driving

Since gas is so very cheap, we will all soon be driving, driving, driving, to our hearts' content, even if we have, as Chuck Berry once said, "no particular place to go."

And since all that driving can be aggravating, boring, etc. we will need fun games to keep us engaged and not enraged.

Here are a few tried and true favorites of mine:

On the freeway, go ten miles over the speed limit and see how long it is before someone just has to pass you. Now go twenty miles over the speed limit.

Find a flashing red stop light and count the number of drivers who have no idea what to do.

Follow someone whose turn signal has been on for several miles and try to guess which street they will eventually turn at. Extra points if they end up turning in the opposite direction.

Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you and count the micro-seconds before someone decides there is more than enough room to squeeze in between you.

Count the old men in sports cars. Extra points if it's a convertible. Double extra points if they're smoking a cigar.

And, for Phoenix area drivers only, find a safe place to park and watch the reverse lanes on 7th Avenue or 7th Street during rush hours. Makes NASCAR look like a bunch of old ladies driving in circles.

Happy motoring. Have fun and try to keep the pistol in the glove box, OK?

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