Sunday, June 21, 2015

Send In The Clown

Donald J. Trump for President!

Our prayers have been answered.

That's the beauty of this world: Comedy is everywhere...

I mean, here's a wealthy, loose cannon, seemingly suffering from Tourette's Syndrome, shooting off his mouth without any inner censor. He's pure Id, unrestrained by logic, common sense, common decency, or any kind of political knowledge.

All he knows is he's rich, he's entitled, he's aggrieved, and he has a big, big mouth. A perfect storm of stupid.

The Republican presidential primaries and debates are destined to become unhinged, anarchic, performance art! More than usual, that is.

If this were happening to any other political party, I might have some sympathy.

But, well...the Republicans deserve Donald J. Trump.

The head clown is here, let the circus begin!

Speaking of clowns, naturally Bill-o The Clown O'Reilly likes Trump because loud mouthed white boors need each other to survive. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Finally, Karl Rove says Trump is a "complete idiot". And if anyone knows about complete idiots it would be 'ol Turdblossom, aka Bush's Brain.

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