Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Ice Follies

After years of being kicked in the nuts by their various sport team "partners", the City of Glendale Arizona has finally taken a stand against one of them.

Someone with basic math skills pointed out to the mayor and a majority of the city council that they can't afford to keep paying the Arizona Coyotes $15 million a year and also keep the lights on for the rest of the city's municipal obligations. So they've moved to terminate the team's lease, which was essentially a holdover from the legendary debacle created by former Mayor Elaine Scruggs' idiot cabal.

Naturally, the Coyotes' tiny fan base, the vast majority of whom don't live anywhere near Glendale, are irate.

See, this is Arizona in the 21st Century.

You can underfund education, you can make sure that guns are welcome everywhere, you can stigmatize minorities, you can make sure poor people have no healthcare options but the emergency room, you can gut basic services left and right, and that's all OK with the citizenry.

But potentially take away one of their circuses, and listen to them howl!

Now, if the Coyotes' ownership had any kind of civic conscience, even just a drop of it, they would be concerned about the public welfare of their "home".

They would worry that if the City of Glendale can't afford basic services because of what they are contractually obliged to pay the Coyotes, the area will suffer, and, by extension, they will suffer.

Remember, this is their "home" we're talking about.

They would happily renegotiate what is clearly an awful, unsustainable deal for the city.

But, of course, they don't give a damn about anything but the money.

They want their money and by God they're gonna get their money! And if they have to sue to get it, and maybe force Glendale into bankruptcy, they will.

Mediocre hockey uber alles!

Let Glendale crash and burn.

The Coyotes will just pick through the wreckage for anything valuable and then move on to the next sucker...

And there's always a next sucker.

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