Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Poor Can Never Be Made To Suffer Enough (part 785)

So out here Arizona way, the esteemed Republican members of our Legendary Legislature, including towering statesmen like David Gowan, John Kavanagh, Steve Montenegro, and J.D. Mesnard, have decided to allow those poor suffering bastards known collectively as "the poor" to borrow money at up to 200% interest.

Why? Well, to help them, of course!

No word yet on whether Governor Cup or Waffle Cone will sign or veto this aid to Loan Sharks charitable act.

Gee, I wonder which way he's leaning...

You know, if you really want to "help" the poor you could do any number of things:

Raise the minimum wage, fully fund public education, support labor unions, do away with that "right to work" crap, restore all the cuts to AHCCCS, start prosecuting employers who exploit immigrant labor, quit giving tax cuts to the rich while cutting services to the people who need them know, stuff like that.

Things that might actually help the poor.

But I guess it's just easier to fuck them over when they're desperate for cash, right?


I mean, that's the Christian thing to do, right?


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