Friday, September 9, 2016

Note To Republicans: Your Presidential Candidate Is A Dangerous Idiot

Not that it matters to you.

No, you're all in for Der Trump!

He's your boy!

A narcissistic, sociopathic, fool.

But at least he ain't black! Am I right? Not like that weak Kenyan Muslim socialist in the White House.

Or a female, either!

Not like that "crooked" Hillary.

After all, she pals around with mobsters, cheats employees, idolizes tyrants, lies constantly about her achievements, changes her positions constantly, insults women and minorities day and night, and honestly doesn't know a single damn thing about government!

Oh, wait, that's Trump.


Doesn't matter. You're still going to vote for him, aren't you?

Of course you are. So he can make America Great Again.

And besides, it'll be nice to have a President who isn't smarter than you again. It's been a long 8 years, hasn't it?

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