Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Damaging The Brand

At some point, one imagines that Donald J. Trump will wake up from the sordid political ego trip that he's on and realize that he has done irreparable harm to his brand.

And his brand is really all he has.

He's not a great builder or developer.

He's not a leader or a statesman.

He's certainly not a great thinker.

What he is is a brand.

He will slap "TRUMP" on anything.

And some people will buy it, because in their delusional state they think it symbolizes "class".

But his every action in the dumpster fire that he calls a campaign has served to alienate a lot of people with money.

And while many people with money may deep down agree with all the garbage that Donald spews, they don't want to be seen by their peers as agreeing with it.

They will drop him so fast it will make his "hair" spin.

Then all that's left will be the hard core Trump supporters.

And the KKK, white supremacists, low info voters that worship his every bilious word, can't afford the TRUMP brand. Oh, maybe a Made In China necktie, but honestly, how often do those folks dress up?

When he finally realizes this, that he's injured his brand--and his beloved daughter's brand--perhaps fatally, Donald J. Trump will look for someone or something to blame.

It definitely won't be his fault. It never is.

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