Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hey, We're All Going To Die Anyway, So Why Not?

So Der Trump and his Shit Fer Brains Crew don't believe in climate change?

I'm reminded of the old baseball pitcher, who, when told that his curve ball was an optical illusion, said "you go stand behind that tree 60 feet away and I'm going to beat you to death with an optical illusion."

Belief has nothing to do with it.

But the operating principle of the Republican Party about all things environmental has been for some time "we're all going to die anyway, so why not?"

Why not burn more oil and coal? And the dirtier the better! Fuck solar and wind.

Let's get rid of the EPA. Bunch of meddlesome nellies.

Why worry about the air and the water?

Why worry about the ice caps?

Why worry about those melting glaciers on Greenland that can raise the sea levels several feet all by themselves?

Let's party like it's the end of the world!!!!

Because, "hey, we're all going to die anyway, so why not?"

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