Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Some Thoughts On The Trump Inauguration

Seems like it's been hard to get any entertainers to perform for Der Trump, all the little Trumplings, and various invited Swamp Creatures, huh?

SS Marching Band already booked elsewhere?

Too bad.

And Putin's no help at all. To be fair, he probably feels like he's done enough for DonDon already.

Got that one little girl with the nice voice. Jackie something

Kinda young.

But DonDon likes 'em young. Remember how he started slobbering all over Ivanka when she was a mere strappling?

Anyway, nobody else seems too anxious for the gig, and we're running out of time.

So the kid will sing, and uh, well, maybe we can get a few MiGs to fly over...

One thing:


OK, DonDon?


Wouldn't want the Reign of the Orange Blight to get off on the wrong foot.

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