Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Circus Comes To Town

My God, look at all the clowns!

John Bolton! Steve Bannon! Kellyanne Conway! Jeff Sessions! Michael Flynn! Ben Carson! Newt Gingrich! Rudy Guiliani! Tom Cotton! Mike Pence! Rick Perry! Steve King! Sarah Palin! Jan Brewer! Rex Tillerson and all those interchangeable, pasty billionaires! On and on, it never ends!

A freak show of mis-governance, a huge accident just waiting to happen, a national tragedy about to unfold!

Vladimir Putin proudly presents a Theocratic Kleptocracy for the Ages!

Look at the ringmaster marionette, with his orange skin and fright wig! Amazingly lifelike!

Smell that?

That's elephant shit.

Step right up folks and dive in!

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