Thursday, February 23, 2017

Note To Our "So Called" President:

Hey DonDon,

I understand that you like to tell people how smart you are and how good your brain is.

I suppose this isn't that unusual. Really bright people do it all of the time.

Einstein always introduced himself like this: "I'm Albert Fucking Einstein and I'm the smartest guy in this room!"

And Stephen Hawking? Jesus, just try to stop him from talking about his "big brain"!

The list could go on and on.

But here's the deal, DonDon: most people with big good brains have actually accomplished something important. Piggy backing on your racist Dad's real estate dealings, while it seems to impress your legion of "low information voters", really isn't that important. Sorry.

Throw your multiple bankruptcies into the pot, and your qualifications as a really "smart" guy seem even less provable.

So, maybe shut up about how superior your genetic pool is, huh? I mean, honestly, a good, long, look in the mirror should shatter all of your delusions. Am I right?

To give you credit where credit is due, you are right about one thing: the whole world is laughing at us...thanks to you.

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