Friday, February 10, 2017

Why Does Steve Bannon Look Like He Has End-Stage Syphilis?

Now, I'm not saying that he does have end-stage syphilis. That would be wrong of me.

But some people are asking why does he look like he has it, if he doesn't?

And if he does have it, where did he contract it?

In what bus station men's room?

Did he get it from that Greek Breitbart kid, Myanus Stuffaloopulus, or whatever his name is? My God, is it an epidemic?!

These are questions that need answers. Indeed, an anxious public demands answers.

Personally, I'd say Bannon looks more like a drop down drunk, but I can understand why people would go with end-stage syphilis.

Of course, it could be both.

By the way, some other people are saying there's a smell of sulfur every time Bannon opens his mouth. Is that true? Does it have anything to do with a pact with the Devil?

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