Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A New Name

There's a line in a Woody Allen movie (can't remember which), spoken by Max Von Sydow, that I've always cherished:

As I recall, Von Sydow's character says, "If Christ ever came back, he probably couldn't stop vomiting."

That about sums up my feelings for all the "good Christians" who voted for Trump.

Those poor fundamentalist knuckleheads who feel like they're being persecuted. Boo hoo.

It's one thing to believe in fairy tales. It's another thing to insist that everyone else believe with you. And it's still another to use your "faith" to spread hatred, bigotry, bile, and overwhelming stupidity.

Even though most of what you "know" about him was cobbled together many years, in some cases centuries, after the fact, and has no connection whatsoever to whatever life he might have led, poor old Jesus still deserves better than this.

So, do your boy Jesus a favor and change your name from Christians to something else, OK?

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