Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's The Hypocrisy, Stupid (Continued)

Remember when deficits were an awful, awful, indeed the most awful, thing?

And then, suddenly, they weren't!

And then, sure enough, suddenly, they were again.

But now...well, you get the idea.

Remember how certain people screamed that Obama shouldn't do anything in Syria without Congressional approval? Uh huh.

Remember how "scandalous" it was when Obama wore a (gasp) tan suit?

Or when Mrs. Obama touched the Queen of England?

Oh, and the birth certificate!!! What about the birth certificate?!

These were all big deals, you might even say yooge deals, for the Loudmouth Right Wing Asshole Club. The Limbaughs and Hannitys and O'Reillys brayed and brayed, their beady little eyes gleaming, their devoted listeners sucking up every lie like mother's milk.

But now we have a so called President up to his many chins in treasonous activities. A Mob friendly, pathological liar in a baggy suit, clown makeup, and a  fright wig. A White House full of Nazis and Russian fellow travelers, a Cabinet made up of crooks and incompetents, and nary a peep from those Republican "patriots" who regularly wet themselves over Obama's perceived transgressions.

If it weren't for their fealty to complete hypocrisy, the GOP wouldn't have any moral code at all.

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