Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Health Care Isn't Really That Complicated

Countries all around the world have more effective, more efficient, and much CHEAPER, health care than we do.

England, France, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Germany, Australia, for example.

If we weren't so stuck in our arrogance, our mythical American exceptionalism, our so-called "leaders" kowtowing to insurance companies and Big Pharma, and, most of all, our ridiculous fear of anything labelled "socialism", we could have a perfectly functioning national health care system that covers every U. S. citizen from cradle to grave.

Just by simply copying anyone of the aforementioned countries' systems. It ain't that hard.

But half of our elected officials (hint: they all have R's by their names) just don't give a damn about the majority of our citizens. Because they only care about the people who have money to contribute to their re-election campaigns. And those people only care about keeping their own taxes low.

So we, the richest country in the world, have to stumble along, seemingly forever, with a very expensive piecemeal system that is totally inadequate for the vast majority of our citizens.


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