Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Possible 2020 Trump Campaign Slogans

I'm sure that there are some cynics among you who are certain that all the fundraising that Der Trump is doing, including his recent brownshirt rally in dear old Phoenix, is just designed to grift enough money from his base o' halfwits to pay for his family's ever growing legal fees...

Oh, ye of little faith!

I prefer to look ahead with the optimism born from my strong belief that things can always get worse.

And so, dear reader, I proudly offer up some potential Trump 2020 campaign slogans:

Trump 2020: Together we can ruin a nation!

Trump 2020: The joke's on you!

Trump 2020: Let's see how bad things can get!

Trump 2020: You knew I was crazy when you fell for me!

Trump 2020: Nothing is my fault. Nothing!

Trump 2020: I told you you'd get tired of "winning"!

Trump 2020: Just how stupid do I think you are? Ha!

Trump 2020: A Moron Among Morons!

Trump 2020: Kleptocracy anyone?

Trump 2020: Let's see just how much more I can fuck things up!

Trump 2020: Wall? What wall?

Trump 2020: Ich bin ein AmeriKKKan!

Trump 2020: Things can always get worse!

Trump 2020: Pardon Me!

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