Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Fought The Law And The Law Won

Good news! Apparently the state of Arizona, which can't afford to help poor people desperately in need of life saving organ transplants, and has never adequately funded it education system, can afford to build another new for-profit prison. Even though there is already sufficient capacity at existing prisons. And even though all 5 of the companies likely to bid for the contract to build the new prison have checkered records. (In this case "checkered" means an unusually high number of escapes, insufficient medical staff, unexplained deaths, or all of the above.)

The budget for the Arizona Department of Corrections is just over one billion dollars. It was one of the few departments that didn't face any cuts during the last round of budget talks. In fact, its funding was increased. Thank God we have our priorities straight.

Coincidentally, the for profit prison industry was very supportive of SB1070--probably because they reportedly helped write it. And two of Jan Brewer's closest advisers used to be lobbyists for one of the largest private prison concerns. Of course this has no influence on any of her decisions.

Jan only wants what's best for the people of Arizona. And more empty prison beds managed by incompetents is what's best for us.

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