Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stop The Presses!!!

Here is your Arizona Republic headline of the week:

"Influx of travelers gives tourism industry a boost"

Let that sink in for a minute...the beauty of the thing, the clarity. It's all right there in 8 simple words. You don't even need to read the story!!

Now think about all that went into that headline. Somebody had to go to journalism school. Probably not a very good journalism school, but still...There were student loans, drunken weekends, a graduation speech by a minor celebrity, and proud, joyful tears from Mom and Dad.

Then they got a job at the Republic. Well, times are tough and a job's a job. Let's face it, you can grow old waiting for the Times to call. Besides, somebody who went to a better journalism school would get that call first anyway.

So there they are, halfheartedly retyping their resume, when the word comes down: "we need a headline--pronto!" And all that specialized training springs into action. This is their moment to shine!

"Influx of travelers gives tourism industry a boost"

Headline of the week? Headline of the decade! Headline of the century!

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